Feeling Like My Emotions

I have a habit of writing because it feels good to express myself in such a different and unique way. But it just so happens that I will bury my emotions in thoughtful poetry.


tear out my heart
for the world to see
don’t leave me laying here
my emotions will flee

in a field a lonely tree
I sit and think
all that I can be
dreams dancing through the skies

a clear blue reflects me
a hidden secret lies within
i hear a plea
a small and fragile cry


I’ll shut my mouth
With a needle and thread
I’ll silence my thoughts
With a blow to the head

Words flow out
Like the blood in my veins
Tears in a river
From the hurts and the pains

Listen and hear
Our mistakes and the choice
In a lullaby
Somehow I’ll hear their voice


to think no one will care
no one will miss a single hair
you’re lonely in a crowd
and there’s no way to be proud
take a step back
and don’t forget to pack
carrying all of your worry
as you leave in a hurry

brush aside love and a smile
it’s been gathered into a pile
you see a face
but can’t focus at this pace
forward everyday
and you can’t find a way
scared of the unknown
so you hide, frightened and alone
searching and hoping
there has to be a way of coping
of making it past
and being the one to outlast

a power and strive
a realization to feel alive
the wants and desires
encompass me as they’re all liars

IMG_1325 (2014_03_09 04_56_38 UTC)


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