“Is he following us?” I stammered out of breath.  The cool, crisp air was some how hard to swallow.

“I hope not,” Alicia replied gasping for the same clean air.

We had run almost two miles and down into the alley.  We weren’t sure where the secret tunnel went but we had no other choice.  Alicia and I were terrified.  From head to toe, we were covered in bruises and cuts.  The fog had begun to clear but a slight mist took its place.  The black hole of the end of the alley was horrifying, but Alicia and I had no other place to hide.  My leg stung as I bumped into garbage bins.  The red liquid ran down my leg and soaked into my sock.  The air was so icy that it sent goosebumps up our arms.

“We’re trapped!” Alicia screamed.  “There’s no way out!”

We could see our breath even in the darkness of the alley.  Then as a figure appeared holding a dagger, we screamed out of fear.  We knew who it was but couldn’t believe it was him.


“Stop the story!  Rewind.  This is not the beginning!” I hollered.

“I think it’s a great start,” Patrick announced.

“Who made you the editor?” I muttered.  “Nobody knows what’s going on.  That’s the problem”.

“Then why don’t you explain, Abby?” Alicia queried.

“Fine, I will.  To start my name is Abby Sulsven.  I am a senior at the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts.  My best friend is Alicia Newman and we met Patrick Claire in junior high.  Our story starts on the last day of school, June 19”.

“I’m Patrick…um well, I hate my last name because it’s a girl’s name.  I like to think I don’t have a last name because I am a detective,” Patrick squealed like a little Chihuahua.

“Only in your dreams,” Alicia said rolling her eyes.

“Ahem! May I continue?!” I requested impatiently.



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